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The Hermit Charitable Trust

The Hermit Charitable Trust (the Trust), a non-profit non-commercial organization registered at Dharamsala, HP, is active since 2008 in a small mountain village on the Dhauladhar range of Himalayas near Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh.

It is established fundamentally to felicitate the spiritual growth of aspirants associated with the organization regardless of sex, caste, creed or religion. It is a secular organization solely devoted to the spiritual growth of individuals and through individuals, of society at large. It offers its services free of any monetary consideration. The Trust does not preach; it does not propagate; it only felicitates.


Spreading happiness & love


Mission & Vision


The Trust aims to help the aspirants attain the spiritual goals such as attainment self-knowledge, peace by living in harmony with the nature so as to ultimately be able to realize the essential unity of everything that exists.


The Trust aims to help the aspirants (Sadhaka) achieve individual spiritual growth through the methods that each one chooses as well as that suits each one the best. The Trust advocates 1. living with the Nature and 2. helping other beings in the closest vicinity as much as and as long as those activities are conducive to pursuit of individual’s spiritual goals.


Past & Present Activities of the Trust
The Trust has been providing accommodation along with all basic necessities on its premises to the inmate Sadhakas as well as visitors
The Trust has also promoted Women Empowerment and Skill Development Program through Mother’s Grace Women Empowerment Trust.
The Trust has been providing educational support to the children of local villages during post-school hours. Apart from tuitions in curriculum studies, the Trust also provides computer education, moral education, basic sports facilities, library etc.
The Trust runs Swami Timir Baran Scholarship program under which students belonging to the economic as well as socially weaker sections are provided with financial support to pursue higher studies or professional studies. At present the Trust has five students – 3 girls & 2 boys, all of whom belong to SC/ST categories – benefitting from the program.
The Trust has organised several health promotion programs including health education, tobacco eradication & health services & distribution of free medicines in collaboration with the Health Promotion Program of Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service, Varanasi.
The Trust has donated computers, laptop, tablets in several schools in the area. These schools are all government run primary, secondary or higher secondary schools such as Bagiarra, Rakkad, Badsar etc.
The Trust has also invited a team of professionals to provide counselling to the local students to pursue the higher studies.
The Trust also distributes motivational literature of Swami Vivekananda.
The Trust tries to support needy people by way of providing ration, woollen clothes, financial help for the medical treatment etc as and when it is urgently required and according to the resources available with the Trust.
The Trust also provides first aid, basic medicines in emergency situation, BP monitoring, SPO2 monitoring, etc to the local people. One of the inmates on the premise is trained in paramedics including child & women health.
The Trust regularly distributes woollen clothes to the children enrolled in the Vikas program run by the Trust on its premise.
The Trust has also provided sewing machine etc for the livelihood of the poor.
The Trust occasionally donates to monks & nuns also.

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It's a monastery and not a public place; however certain philanthropic activities in the field of education are carried out at the premises and around.